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We’re in a sleep deprivation epidemic. 😴 We’re losing 1-2 hours of sleep a night compared to 60 years ago (Dawson, D. and Reid, K. (1997) ‘Fatigue, alcohol and performance impairment’, Nature. Nature Publishing Group, 388(6639), pp. 235–235. doi: 10.1038/40775.) 😴 The glymphatic system is a recently discovered macroscopic waste clearance system that uses channels formed… Continue reading Sleep

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‘Why We Sleep’ & My 10 Top Tips For It

This blog starts off with a short book review on ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker before moving onto my top 10 tips for improving sleep. ‘Why We Sleep’ is a critically acclaimed guide to the science behind our sleep and dreams. Matthew walker delves deep into the neurological processes which occur during sleep and… Continue reading ‘Why We Sleep’ & My 10 Top Tips For It

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How I Cope with Night Shifts

Night shifts are on my mind as I just finished a weekend of them and have them next week too. Everyone copes with night shifts differently, in their own way that works for them. In this blog I’m going to discuss some of the strategies I’ve come up with which helps me to get through… Continue reading How I Cope with Night Shifts

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There’s lots of talk on social media at the moment about how gratitude is good for you. However, unless the actual benefits are explained it’s often hard to get enough incentive to actually start doing something new. So, I thought I’d discuss some evidence-backed benefits of practicing gratitude. Relationships Practicing gratitude is beneficial for romantic,… Continue reading Gratitude

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My Favourite Health & Wellness Apps

There are so many Apps out there at the moment. I thought I'd share some of my favourites that I have come across or use myself. There's a range here in the hope that I can inspire a wide variety of people on different stages of their health journeys. Calm Mindfulness can have such a… Continue reading My Favourite Health & Wellness Apps