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Want to become happier in just 6 minutes a day!?

✨“You can study gravity forever without learning how to fly" - @shawnachor, The Happiness Advantage. ✨Here my ramblings about my new diary created by @createurbestself which I love ❤️. It utilises concepts of positive psychology to bring positivity to your day in just 6 minutes! These simple steps taken daily can have such a powerful impact on your… Continue reading Want to become happier in just 6 minutes a day!?

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Why gratitude works!

Hi Guys, Following from last week's blog I want to talk about why gratitude exercises work. I also want to point you to my IGTV series on sharing gratitude during lockdown. Thanks everyone who voted in my stories poll where I asked what you wanted to see this week, continuing gratitude practices won hands down!… Continue reading Why gratitude works!

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How to break free from a negative mindset

Hi guys, Today I want to talk a little about positive psychology and then start a week of sharing a daily gratitude practice to share some positivity in these challenging times. What Is Positive Psychology? This is something I want to write more about on this platform, but as a very brief introduction... Positive psychology… Continue reading How to break free from a negative mindset

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Gratitude for Positivity

This week I wanted to share something that is helping me to keep positive during this pandemic – a daily gratitude practice. This is something which, if you find is helpful, would be something that you could keep up and practice for your wellbeing long after the lock down has ended. I do talk… Continue reading Gratitude for Positivity

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My Aspirations of 2019

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. I find they’re often negative, saying ‘I will give up X, Y or Z’. Instead, this year I’ve decided to make some aspirations, positive actions to help me strive towards my goals by putting them in writing. I also feel you shouldn’t wait for a new year if… Continue reading My Aspirations of 2019