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My Favourite Health & Wellness Apps

There are so many Apps out there at the moment. I thought I'd share some of my favourites that I have come across or use myself. There's a range here in the hope that I can inspire a wide variety of people on different stages of their health journeys. Calm Mindfulness can have such a… Continue reading My Favourite Health & Wellness Apps

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Happiness and my ‘share a smile’ project

I wrote about happiness being an important concept for me in my stress and mindfulness post. The World Health Organisation acknowledges happiness as an aspect of health and is working on increasing it to better the health and quality of life of the global population 1. There are many sources of happiness. Fascinatingly (well to me… Continue reading Happiness and my ‘share a smile’ project

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Stress and Mindfulness

Review of Calm and Headspace Stress Stress put simply is the response from our bodies to a threatening event. The physical response triggered is called ‘flight or fight’. This involves activation of the sympathetic nervous system (compared to the parasympathetic controlling the ‘rest and digest’ state) and in turn a whole host of hormonal cascades… Continue reading Stress and Mindfulness