Oat, cinnamon and date energy balls


These little balls of energy are great for pre- or post-workouts or for a mid-afternoon pick me up.

They don’t require any baking and use only a few ingredients I tend to have in the cupboard.


1 tablespoon coconut oil (melted)
1 tablespoon runny honey
50g dates
1 tablespoon chai seeds
2 teaspoons cinnamon
50g almond butter
100g oats


1. Mix the melted coconut oil and honey together in a bowl.

2. Add the almond butter and combine together with the honey and coconut oil.


3. Roughly chop the dates.


4. In a separate mixing bowl mix together the oats, chai seeds, cinnamon and dates.


5. Add the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients.

6. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

7. Separate the dough into tablespoon sized balls and roll to shape.

8. Place the balls onto the baking tray to set – this 30-60mins.


9. Store in a air tight container in the fridge.