What I’m Listening To

I used to post my podcast of the week from Instagram on here as ‘podcast reviews’. Instead I have changed this – I’m going to have a page with a few of the top podcasts I’m listening to at the moment. If one takes your fancy you can then explore and listen to the episodes you feel resonate with you the most. I will be updating the page as I find new podcasts, seasons restart from podcasts I like or am just really enjoying something at that time and think you might too.

I will still be doing my podcast of the week on Instagram – so keep on checking these out. If you haven’t found them yet I post them every Wednesday on my Instagram feed.

What I’m listening to at the moment…..

Feel Better Live More


I’ve listened to this podcast since the beginning, when it started in January 2018. Now it is the Number 1 health podcast in the UK!

Dr Chatterjee feels health has become over complicated aims to simplify it.

His podcast over time has gone from 30-40 minute episodes to 1-2 hour conversations which facilitates some deep and meaningful conversations with his guests.

At the end of each episode Dr Chatterjee aims to leave the listener with an actionable tip they can start practicing today to make their lives healthier and happier.

Dr Chatterjee covers many aspects of lifestyle medicine, some of my favourite conversations being focused on the importance of human connection and access to nature.

There’s now nearly 100 episodes to choose from so have a browse and see what episodes take your fancy.

Speaking of Psychology

SpeakingOfPsychology-LogoSpeaking of Psychology is produced by American Psychological Association. It aims to help those who listen to apply psychological science into their everyday lives. They also highlight some of the current, important and relevant psychological research being done today.

Some of episodes I’ve found interesting are on the topics of post-traumatic growth, seasonal affective disorder and how to cope with being ‘ghosted’.

The One You Feed

The one you feed

I initially listened to their episode with BJ Fogg and a few re-release episode before Christmas 2019 and a lot of them were on behavioural science and behaviour change.

Guests range from scientists, researchers, psychologists, thought leaders, spiritual teachers, public figures and authors. Topics range from behaviour change and habit formation to addiction and recovery, from mindfulness and meditation to anxiety and depression.

In general, each episode starts with a parable and uses this to start meaningful conversations with the podcast guests. Conversations provide powerful yet practical tools listeners can utilise in their everyday lives to find more joy, love and fulfilment.

I’m really enjoying catching up with some of the old episodes and listening to the new – there are over 300 episodes with 13 million downloads!

Food for Thought


Rhiannon Lambert is a Registered Nutritionist specialising in weight management, disordered eating, pre and post-natal nutrition and sports nutrition. She hosts her podcast as part of her mission to simplify wellness. She provides evidence-based advice along with her guests, who are all experts in their field to empower you to become the healthiest version of yourself.

She’s had some fabulous guests discussing some really interesting topics including the psychology behind food, gluten-free diets, gut health, fertility and pregnancy, and environmental health.

There’s a great balance between being an easy-to-listen-to conversation and hard-hitting science. I often listen to each new episode on my way to work on a Monday morning!

Trained (NIKE)


Released by NIKE training club, Trained explores some of the cutting-edge of holistic fitness. They believe with the right knowledge and training anyone can be great. They have conversations with top athletes and experts, discussing latest research and innovations creating change within the fitness industry. They believe there is no one universal method but a solution for everyone and it’s about finding what works for you.

Each episode provides tips with an expert on one of what NIKE believe to be the 5 key facets of fitness: movement, recovery, nutrition, mindset and sleep. They’ve had guests including LeBron Hames, Dr Joel Kahn, Michael Jordan, Dr Rhonda Patrick and Angela Duckworth.



If you follow me on Instagram or have read my blogs, you will know I practice meditation daily, a habit which has been helped by my Muse headband. Untangle is a collaborative podcast from the creators of the app Meditation studio and Muse.

Untangle is a podcast about how mindfulness practices can change lives. They have guests from business leaders, psychologists, neuroscientist, nutritionists, authors and mindfulness teachers. They discuss topics such as why meditation is important to how self-compassion practices can change how you behave in everyday BJ Fogg discussing life, to how meditation can help with anxiety in both adults and children.

Some of my favourite episodes include a discussion with Laurie Santos, a professor from Yale University, about a course she developed in response to growing mental health issues on campus, and BJ Fogg discussing Tiny Habits.


That’s it for now. Let me know if you try out any of these podcasts and which episodes you enjoy or if you already listen to them what you think.

Emma x