The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor


Book review time and today it’s the brilliant Happiness Advantage by @shawnachor.⠀

@shawnachor uses the perfect blend of humour to guide the reader through the science behind his seven core principles of positive psychology that we can all use to improve our performance, advance our careers and become more successful. ⠀

✨A core take home of the book is how success is driven by happiness, not the other way around (as commonly thought). When happier we are more creative, engaged, productive and resilient to stress. ⠀

✨So what actually is happiness!? @shawnachor defines it as the joy we feel striving after are potential – I think this is a pretty fab definition! ⠀

✨I really enjoyed the read and would recommend it to anyone interested in positive psychology, workplace performance or workplace wellbeing 👍🏼😊. ⠀

Emma x