How to Build a Healthy Brain by Kimberley Wilson

how to build a healthy brain

📚As ever, I’m a bit behind with my book reviews!⠀

📚I thoroughly enjoyed this read by @foodandpsych. It’s so informative, unifying and yet easy to read.⠀

👏🏼I love her ‘whole body’ approach to mental & emotional wellbeing 🙌🏼.⠀

🤓She covers a whole host of topics including nutrition, sleep, movement and stress.⠀

📚She has chapters on using the breath and understanding emotions.⠀

🙏🏼Parts which particularly resonated with me was when she discussed burnout, ikigai, yoga, mindfulness & the importance of connection for psychological resilience 🙌🏼.⠀

I love learning 🤓 & learned new things, such as how heat (such as at the temperature of a hot bath) can increase levels of BDNF & reduce levels of cortisol…. Although I needed no more excuse for my bubble baths 😁. Heat shock proteins also guide away and recycle beta amyloid, a protein involved in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease 🤯.⠀

📚This and oh so much more…. Thoroughly recommend this book if you’re interested in mental & emotional health whether you’re a health professional or not 👍🏼.⠀

Emma x