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Steps of change

This week on Instagram I’ve been sharing posts on the steps of change. Here I thought I’d collate all these into one place, added a little more detail and give you a sneak peak of the final stage!

Step 1

Awareness is the first step of change. We move through life more unconscious of our thoughts and actions than we’d like to think. Life is full of distractions. You can start to practice awareness by being fully present and engaged in each moment. Whilst it won’t get you all the way it is a fundamental first stage.

Step 2

Acceptance is the second step towards sustainable, transformative change.

Now this is a challenging one, we’re often hard on others and even tougher on ourselves in life.

Self-compassion is a great place to start when learning to accept what we want to change within us. Only then can we prevent the agitations of our mind clouding our perception of reality & progress towards change.

In the words of the Dalai Lama:

✨”If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

Step 3

Accountability can help with the growth process by helping us see the responsibility we have in all aspects of our lives. When life is happening *to* us we lose control & connection with the present moment. We lose the strength, power & will to create the life we desire.

Accountability gives us the power to be truly present & accept that we are not perfect but can still be happy and whole regardless whilst striving to improve ourselves with an open heart & mind.

Step 4

Surrendering doesn’t mean we give up. Whilst striving towards our goals we can place unrealistic expectations of ourselves. These expectations can cloud our mind to the progress we have already made. Surrender the final destination and be present on the journey of growth. This allows us to see the progress we’ve made and tap into the beauty of uncovering you are already exactly who you need to be.

Step 5


When a caterpillar turns into a butterfly it is truly transformed. 
What is the difference between change and transformation? If you change there is risk you could revert back to your old ways. Upon transformation you embody all the work you’ve done on self-growth – as such the risk of you reverting back to your previous self is negligible. 

Emma x

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