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Cold therapy

Now I’ve always been a hot shower & bubble bath kind of girl, yet my boyfriend has been having cold showers for years & this year I’ve taken the plunge! They are surprisingly invigorating! ⠀

Cryotherapy creatures hormetic stress. Some evidence about the benefits of cold therapy:⠀
❄️Enhances antioxidants, aiding against rouge inflammation. ⠀
❄️Increases anti-inflammatory cytokines, whilst reducing pro-inflammatory ones. ⠀
❄️ Production of beta-endorphins, improving our mood. ⠀
❄️Improved quality & quantity of sleep. ⠀
❄️Less sick days from work. ⠀

Where to start!? ⠀
❄️The easiest place to start, and where I started, is to have a shower at your usual temperature and at the end turn it to cold! Gradually build up the length of time you have the shower running cold. ⠀
❄️ An ice bath is a step up – one I haven’t got to yet! ⠀
❄️If you’re lucky enough to live near the sea like me, how about getting out in nature & take a dip in the sea! Check out @thehappypear & their sunrise swims for some inspiration 🌅. ⠀

Please note – if you have any underlying health conditions please seek medical advice from your own doctor before undergoing cold therapy. This post is for information about potential health benefits found in the literature only!

🤓Feel free to reach out to me here or on Instagram for any of the references behind this post 👍🏼.

Emma x

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