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What if I don’t know my passion yet?

✨Today I was honoured to present the awards for natural sciences at my old school’s virtual speech day. ⠀

✨Part of my presentation speech I feel is pertinent here, in the world of wellness where we are ever more expected to all know our passions and purpose in life….⠀

✨”It was only after a few years of being a doctor that I discovered what I have a real passion for is not making the sick well, but for empowering others through lifestyle medicine & positive psychology to thrive. I hope this demonstrates how you really don’t have to have it all planned out or know your passions yet.”✨⠀

✨…. It takes time to find our passions & purpose in life. There is often a lot of trials and tribulations of discovery along the way.

✨ I hope this helps you, especially if feeling unsettled by a lack of guidance from a clear path before you following a passion – you might need to venture forwards before you can see a clear way ahead.

Emma x

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