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Want to find your character strengths?

✨Last week I finally took the VIA character strengths survey. ⠀

✨Character Strengths are the positive parts of your personality and effect how you feel, act and think. Research has identified 24 character strengths.⠀

✨Character strengths are different than other personal strengths, e.g. interests, skills and talents, as they reflect your true self, who you are deep down. Each of us have all 24 character strengths in a unique constellation. ⠀

✨The survey helps you to discover your strongest character strengths – knowing this can help you to thrive & be your best self. ⠀

Using character strengths can help:⠀
✨Improve your relationships⠀
✨Enhance health and overall wellbeing⠀
✨Buffer against, manage and overcome problems⠀

I resonated so much with my highest character strengths:⠀
🤓Love of learning⠀

What are your character strengths?

Check out the VIA Character Strengths survey here.

Emma x

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