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Here’s a method that is helping inquisitive minds to become more self-aware

✨You know when sometimes you think the world is just speaking to you!?✨⠀

✨I have that when I’ve never heard of something and then it just keeps popping up here there and everywhere! (there is some fancy neuroscience which can explain this called the The Reticular Activating System (RAS)). ⠀

✨About a month ago I came across the Enneagram. I was fascinated and dove right in! I did a few tests and read around each type, listened to some podcasts (it’s me we’re talking about!) and I think I know my ‘type’, ‘wing’ & ‘instinct’. Yet, the more I dive into The Enneagram the more I feel I need to give it more time as it’s not uncommon to initially be mis-typed.⠀

✨What am I talking about!!?? Never heard of the Enneagram?………⠀

The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people conceptualise the world and manage their emotions. It differs from other personality tests, such as the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, in that the enneagram is determined by internal motivators. It is arguably deeper, more complex and dynamic. ⠀

✨Then last week @brenebrown had @chrisheuertz on her podcast to discuss his new book ‘The Enneagram of Belonging’. They chat openly about the power and limitations of the Enneagram and I thoroughly enjoyed the episode.⠀

✨If you’re interested in finding out more here a couple of accounts on Instagram I’ve found:⠀

@enneagramandcoffee ⠀

Take a look and see which style of discussion about the Enneagram appeals.⠀

✨Off Instagram I’d recommend The Enneagram Institute.

Have you come across the Enneagram before? If so what do you think?

Emma x

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