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This week I turned 29! Things I’d tell my younger self

✨On Friday I turned 29!✨⠀

There was no better way to spend it than on a long walk in the forest in the sunshine with my man 🤗.⠀

Whilst 2020 is proving a challenge to us all in ways we would have never expected, I am one of the happiest I have ever been. I’d like to think older and wiser too 🤔.⠀

Things I’d tell my younger self:⠀

✨It’s worth waiting and being picky, you’ll find someone who deserves you, makes you happy and makes you a better version of yourself.⠀
✨ You will find something you’re passionate about and can make a career out of, the hard times will be worth it.⠀
✨You are beautiful, whatever the bullies might say, they will leave a mark but you will become more confident with the body you call home. ⠀
✨Home is where the heart is, people are the thing that makes you happiest in life and family is the best, Mum and Dad are pretty awesome really!⠀
✨You might think you’re older self is a bit of a hippy doing daily yoga and meditation, but roll with it, it helps you find peace and calm and be a better you!

What would you tell your younger self? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram.

Emma x

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