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Want to help develop support for those stressed or anxious in isolation?


Maybe you know someone who is unwell or has lost their job or is working in the front lines. The world around us is changing due to COVID-19, and it is normal to be affected by this. It is natural for us to feel worried, scared and even overwhelmed at times.

Taking care of ourselves, and others around us, both physically and mentally, is more important than ever at this time. We know that low mood, stress, irritability, anger and trouble sleeping are common problems related to staying at home, having restricted movement and feeling isolated from family and friends.

I’m honoured to have done some consultancy work for Interactive Health Ltd who has collaborated with NHS Highland Research Development and Innovation to design a prototype web app – Well@ In Isolation. This is the first stage in developing a highly personalised app to help support people who may be experiencing anxiety and stress during this period of lockdown. Before moving on to the next stage we’d like to hear what you think of the look and feel of the prototype.

If you’d like to help please visit this website.
Once you’ve gone through the app you’ll find an email address to contact.
UPDATE: We are delighted that funding to develop this project further has been obtained. As such the prototype may no longer be active – I will update you when the final product has launched!
Stay safe, stay well
Emma x

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