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Why gratitude works!

Hi Guys,

Following from last week’s blog I want to talk about why gratitude exercises work. I also want to point you to my IGTV series on sharing gratitude during lockdown.

Thanks everyone who voted in my stories poll where I asked what you wanted to see this week, continuing gratitude practices won hands down! So I’ll continue sharing my gratitude practice with you.

As I’m continuing to talk about gratitude I thought I’d share why are they an exercise of positive psychology. If you’re not sure what positive psychology is, I give a very brief intro into it in the first of my gratitude practice IGTV videos so do check that out, or you can read the corresponding blog.
Gratitude draws your attention to the good things that have happened in the last day. They can be big things, like the health of your loved ones, being able to go outside for our daily exercise , to the small like the latest episode of your favourite TV show is out today!
The reason this reliably increases our wellbeing is that it’s human nature to focus on the negative, we evolved to scan the horizon for threats and predators. To take a modern day example, if you post a picture on Instagram and 99% of comments are positive and 1% is negative, where do we all focus!? We all disproportionately draw our attention to those negative comments.
Gratitude draws our attention to the positive things in our lives we can so easily overlook or ignore.
So try it, make it a habit, piggyback it onto another habit such as drawing your curtains each morning or drawing them at night and see how you feel in a week or so. You can practice gratitude along with me by following my IGTV series and commenting each evening to these videos what you’re grateful for each day.
Try it and let me know!
Thanks, that’s all for today.
Stay safe, well, happy and healthy.
Emma x

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