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My Top 3 Behaviour Change TED Talks

If you follow me on Instagram or read my blogs you will know I’ve become really interested in behaviour change and have been reading books & listening to podcasts etc. on the topic.

If you are wanting to make a positive change in your life, however small, or are interested in the topic of behaviour change yourself, but are not reading to dive into the research, TED talks can be a great introduction.

This week’s blog I thought I’d share my top 3 TED Talks on the topic of behaviour change.

Two off these three are by BJ Fogg – one of the world’s experts on behaviour change who is affiliated with Stanford University. His new book, Tiny Habits, presents his behaviour change model which is so insightful & powerful yet simple & logical to follow. If you like these two videos I thoroughly recommend Tiny Habits.

I have posted them in chronological order – with his oldest TED talk coming first:

My third favourite behaviour change TED talk is by Eric Zimmer – alcoholic and heroin addict turned behaviour coach, podcast host and author. I discovered him through his podcast, The One You Feed. If BJ’s style isn’t your thing, I wanted to offer an alternative approach to behaviour change, yet one that still resonates with me. In this TED Talk Eric Zimmer uses the analogy of the board game RISK to discuss key things whilst trying to make a change which can increase the chance of success – I think works quite well!

So that’s my top 3! Do you have any favourites? How did you find the 3 I recommended? What new positive habit or behaviour change are you trying to create? Let me know here on on Instagram.

Emma x

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