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BSLM Regional Director

You might have seen a post I put up on Instagram a couple of weeks ago where I discussed some concerns I had regarding speakers and messages delivered through the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM).
Since that time I’ve had some really productive and engaging discussions with their Trustees/Founder.
There are some very contentious issues in lifestyle medicine, but I feel more where we all agree.
Whilst I could have continued to criticise from the sidelines, not being aware of the manner in which the BSLM operate or the discussions already being had, this wouldn’t have been the most productive or considerate action I could have taken.
The lifestyle medicine movement, and BSLM leading the way in this in the UK, has such vast potential. There is much we agree on and can apply in an evidence based manner.
By coming together we can drive forward this message and raise awareness of how lifestyle interventions can be applied, through policy, education (both for the general public and professionals) and engagement with the necessary bodies.
Those who have founded the BSLM have put in an incredible amount of effort to create what we see today.
All this said I’m really excited and pleased to say I am now the Regional Director of Hampshire & Dorset for the BSLM!
What I aspire to bring to this position is:
🔹HUMILITY – I would love to have qualifications in so many things I don’t at the moment, health & wellness coaching, nutrition, stress management, maybe even become a yoga instructor….. But all of these take time and money so I will need to plan and take one step at a time. During this process and after, I feel it is vital to show humility, acknowledge what I don’t know or when I’m proven wrong. Only through this process will I grow and learn.
🔹RESPECT – I feel remaining professional and respecting others, especially between different health care professions/fields, is vital. I appreciate there is likely to be debate when people are passionate about their views, but in my opinion this should always be done in a respectful manner whilst listening to the rationale behind others’ opinions.

🔹DON’T OVERSTEP MY BOUNDS – I feel that when posting online, as in everyday life, you have to be qualified in your knowledge and skill set. I therefore will not plan on providing advice in areas where my skills are lacking and I don’t have the qualifications to do so. I will be more than happy to point you in the direction of people I feel are credible in their field. I will strive to always say if something I mention is solely my opinion.

🔹CONNECTION – one thing I’ve loved about starting The Lifestyle Pill is connecting with like minded people. I’m hoping to extend this in my role locally, connect with more BSLM members in the region and maybe even entice more to join (let me know if you’re interested 👍).

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