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War on Plastic Documentary

I’ve watched the #WarOnPlastic BBC documentary which was humbling, concerning, infuriating and inspiring.
Things that stood out to me were:
🔶Issues of cost with loose produce compared to those wrapped in plastic in supermarkets.
🔶665, 330 tonnes of UK plastic is exported EVERY YEAR! This is having significant environmental and health implications to the countries we import it – to me this is just not fair.
🔶Petrol stations often lack a policy to help you refill water bottles at services, but it’s worth asking #RefillOnTheRoad.
🔶Enticing the sale of products e.g. @mcdonalds Happy Meals with plastic toys is a massive waste and they are NOT recyclable in many plants due to their complex structure involving multiple different forms of plastic, despite each individual component being so.
🔶We need to reduce plastic at the source, not just recycle, to make a real difference.
🔶WE need to be the ones engaged and give feedback to the government, large companies and our communities to stimulate change for the future.
Some tips from the programme (for more see my old blog on tips for reducing plastic consumption & waste.
🔶By loose produce where cost allows.
🔶Avoid small indiviual portions each in its own plastic wrapping e.g. single portion cheese. Buy in a bigger block what you will use before it goes off and portion up a necessary.
🔶Take your tupperwear to the supermarket deli counters and see if they’ll use this instead of single use plastic packaging.
🔶Use Milk&More for your milk – get it delivered in reusable glass the old way.
🔶Ask if you can have your water bottle refilled at shops, cafes and petrol stations instead of buying bottled water.
🔶Wet wipes have a lot of plastic in them.
🔶Try making sustainable cleaning products e.g. multipurpose cleaner from vinegar, water and citrus peel.
🔶Use bars of shampoo and conditioner instead of bottles (@lush have some good ones).
Check out #OurPlasticFeedback on social media for some inspiring stories 👍.

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