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Many things in life are better in balance, as ‘boring’ as this might be.
🔶 ‘Everything in moderation’ as my Mum always says is often the best approach to nutrition and not crash diets or eliminating food groups.
🔶 Work-life balance – vital for stress management, time for socialising, family and overall happiness.
🔶Balance your physical activity – for example I do some cardio, weights in the gym and yoga to balance strength with flexibility. Take rest days to allow your body to recover.
🔶 Take time to relax and rest as well as to passionately pursue your dreams.
This is me this week having made a recipe from one of my favourite recipe books by @thehappypear, a giant peanut butter cup (I made it with almond butter instead of peanut butter). A slice over a lovely family meal as a little food for the soul was my balance for the week 😊.

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