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We’re in a sleep deprivation epidemic. 😴

We’re losing 1-2 hours of sleep a night compared to 60 years ago (Dawson, D. and Reid, K. (1997) ‘Fatigue, alcohol and performance impairment’, Nature. Nature Publishing Group, 388(6639), pp. 235–235. doi: 10.1038/40775.) 😴

The glymphatic system is a recently discovered macroscopic waste clearance system that uses channels formed by cells in the brain to promote elimination of waste products and distribute non-waste compounds like glucose and neurotransmitters.  It’s most efficient when asleep and proposed as a possible physiological mechanism for why poor sleep disrupts health. 😴

RATE you sleep – a simple system for evaluating your sleep developed by @drchatterjee 😴Refreshed? – wake up refreshed 😴Alarm? – wake up at the same time without one 😴Time Elapsed? – fall asleep within 30 minutes. 😴  0 = never, 1 = occasionally, 2 = almost always. Score 0 = poor sleep health, 6 = excellent.

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