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Sometimes we all need a little something extra to kick start or continue with a healthy habit.

Here are a few suggestions:

👭Get a buddy 👭 Be it for a workout, healthy eating, or kicking an unhealthy habit – partnering up with a friend can make the experience more enjoyable and provide some social accountability to keep you on track.

🍱Preparation 🍱 Meal prep is a godsend for healthy eating whilst on the go or at work. Pack your gym kit the night before and have it ready to take with you for a pre or post work workout.

📈Track your successes 📈 Celebrate even the small wins and count up ‘streaks’ of every day or week you’ve kept a habit up – you won’t want to start again.

🛠️Get the tools/gadgets 🛠️ Some (even free) apps or equipment can give you an extra nudge, a meditation app, track your smoke free days etc (see my 3 blogs on my favourite health and wellness apps on my website, the most recent of which I’ve put as the link in my bio ⤴️). Recently my boyfriend invested in a muse headband. Although expensive this has been amazing and keeping up my meditation practice and amazing to get the biofeedback and monitor my progress.

👯Find a community which inspires and encourages you 👯 I’ve mentioned this before, but if your gym for example doesn’t inspire you to give your best, find another one. Often you’ll find the place you enjoy is a place where like minded people go, not only does this add to motivation it can improve your social well-being.

🏆Let the actions you take make you the person you are striving to be 🏆 For example going on your fist couch to 5k run takes you from being a person who wants to be a runner, to being a runner.

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