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My Favourite Health & Wellness Apps – Take 3

Due to the positive response to my previous blogs on health and wellness apps, I’ve decided to do another! Again, I’ve included a range of offerings, to suit those at different stages of their health journey.

So without further ado, here they are:

Deliciously Ella – the new app.

deliciously ella app
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Ella has released a new app recently, and it’s just amazing!

A great starting place when you download the app is to read the featured article on the home page called ‘How to: Guide to Using the Deliciously Ella App‘ which guides you through the whole platform clearly and concisely.

There is a plethora (over 400) of plant-based recipes, with step-by step instructions and pictures so you know how things are meant to look throughout the cooking/baking process. There is also a selection of recipes as videos to show exactly how it’s done. You can save your favourites so they’re easy to find when you want to make them again, and again! You can change between metric and imperial units to suit how you like to bake and save you having to exit the app and do the calculations on Google (am I the only one who always does this!?).

The recipes are complemented by meal planning and shopping-list features, so you’ll never forget a key ingredient when out shopping again!

What’s more Ella is now a trained yoga teacher and there are over 40 yoga practice videos on the app! Her voice is so calming, it’s perfect for guiding you through your sequence and you’ll feel amazing when you’re done 😊. There are a range of yoga instructors on the app, providing classes for you at home from 10 to 40 minutes. Videos range from being suitable to the complete beginner to those with a more advanced practice.

I am a massive fan of her podcast too, and here on the app there’s inbuilt access to all the podcasts to listen to. On top of this there is a section of latest articles for you to read and access to their shop where you can buy all their yummy products.

Content gets updated weekly.

In terms of subscription, I really like how it is a monthly membership. This allows you to not be tied into an annual fee as many apps now have but can use for as long as you feel you get value out of it. This said, at 99p per month (for UK members) I think you get more than your money’s worth.  You can also use a free 7-day trial to prove it’s worth your cash.

At present the app is only available on the Apple app store and not Android. As an Android phone user luckily I have an iPad to be able to enjoy this app. I hope it is successful enough to allow Matt and Ella to fund an Android version soon so if is available to more people and so I can have it with me on the go!

Overall this is such a great addition to the Deliciously Ella empire which obviously took A LOT of work to develop and I can’t wait to explore it more, the app is so user-friendly.


Charity Miles

chairty walk app

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This app is both an incentive to work out/get more steps in and a way to feel good by being altruistic by giving to charity.

Charity Miles tracks your activity, be it an indoor or outdoor walk, a run or cycle. It uses the miles you’ve racked up to give to charity, with money earned for every mile you move!

The app boosts of earning $2 million to charity so far.

There are over 40 charities to choose from with a wide range, and you can always change your preference at a later date if you decide you want to support a new charity.

Examples of some of the charities supported by Charity Miles are:

  • Team for Kids
  • Every Mother Counts
  • WWF
  • Stand up to Cancer
  • Autism Speaks
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Girl Up
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • ….and many, many more!

When you’re starting a walk or a run, simply open the app and click ‘start workout’ and your steps will be counted and money for charity earned.

There is a ‘team’ feature, allowing you to connect to friends and family or a walking/running club for even more motivation, a social aspect of the app and to track where you are on your team’s leaderboard!

You can use Charity Miles alongside other activity tracking apps, such as fitbit, so don’t have to miss out on loosing the steps you give to Charity Walk on your overall step count.

Overall I think this is a novel and positive way of enticing you to increase you steps, great for both your health and wellbeing but also the greater good.


forest app.png

picture source:

Struggle with concentration and procrastinate on your phone? This app is for you!

I hadn’t thought of the social use for this app until someone mentioned it to me, but if you’re someone who struggles not to play on their phone whilst meeting up with a friend, this app could also help and potentially improve your relationships.

Our duration of concentration is ever reduced with notifications and procrastinating on our phones. On average we are on our phones for 2 hours plus a day!

This app designed a cute yet effective method of overcoming distraction and addiction to your phone whilst encouraging you to stay focused with the task at hand.

When you stay off your phone a forest grows, but when you go off the app to open another, trees are destroyed!

As you progress you can unlock rewards and new tree species to plant.

With the ‘pro’ (paid for) aspect of the app you can plant real-life trees with cooperation with the tree-planting organisation Trees for the Future. The number of trees in real life at present is limited, but something I feel would be great to increase when the budget of the app allows. When paying for membership you can also customised a ‘whitelist’ of apps which lets you use them without loosing trees, track your daily screen time and engage with friends and family on the app.



squeezy app
picture source:

I came across this app as The Gynae Geek mentioned it in a recent podcast she was on.

This is an NHS pelvic-floor app. It is a paid one-off cost of £2.99.

Although they do advertise themselves as being designed by chartered physiotherapists specialising in Women’s Health, personally I feel this app is beneficial for both girls and guys.

What actually is your pelvic floor? It’s a group of muscles at the base of the pelvis which support your organs and form a sling around your rectum (and vagina if you have one!). Try stopping the flow of your pee whilst you are on the toilet – that’s them!

You can tailor a specific exercise programme to your needs and it set reminders so you never forget to do your daily routine. You can be guided through exercises with both visual and audio guides.

There is plenty of information and tips to really help you understand what you are actually working and the benefits of your exercises.

It is also discreet, you could do a lot of the exercises whilst typing at your work desk!

Benefits of working your pelvic floor are not just for the older population! Yes older women are more predisposed to bladder and bowel problems relating to a weak pelvic floor, but there are many more benefits including:

  • Reduced risk of prolapse, both of your vagina and rectum.
  • Improved recovery following childbirth or gynaecological surgery in women.
  • Improved recovery following prostate surgery and potential help in reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Increased sensation during sex, and potential for orgasm.
  • ….and reducing the risk of bladder and bowel incontinence issues later on in life.

I’ve started using this app – give it a go and work those kegels!


Smoke free

smoke free app.jpg
picture source:

This one I’ve really seen be valuable to my patients who are trying to quit smoking.

Not only is this an app that helps and individual stop smoking, if you agree, your data will be used in an experiment run by the app developers looking into what helps people stop smoking. If you’d rather not take part in the experiment, and keep your data anonymous, this is also OK.

Smoke free uses scientifically-backed techniques delivered in a clear manner:

  • There is a calendar – which tracks how long you’re been smoke free for.
  • The calculator – which lets you know how much money you’ve saved by not smoking & the number of cigarettes you’ve not smoked.
  • The diary – for your to log cravings, understand your triggers and see how these decrease over time.
  • See how your health has improved since quitting,
  • Get achievements such as number of cravings resisted.

I’d recommend anyone looking to quite smoking taking a look at this app.

So here’s the latest edition of my favourite health and wellness apps. If you give any a go I’d really like to hear how you get on. You can comment below or let me know on i=Instagram (@the_lifestylepill) or Twitter (@_lifestylepill).

Emma x

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