About me

Hi, I’m Dr Emma Thurston.


Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based approach to improving health through optimising your way of life. My particular area of interest within lifestyle medicine is emotional wellbeing.

Emotional wellbeing is vital to allow individuals to flourish and adapt to inevitable stressors in life positively. Reduced emotional wellbeing can lead to mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression. In turn, these can have significant physical health implications such as cardiovascular disease, digestive problems and sleep disturbance.

I want to help people to thrive, not just survive.

I utilise concepts from positive psychology and entwine these with lifestyle medicine to increase awareness and share ways of how we can all support our emotional wellbeing through lifestyle changes and creating new behaviours, such as practicing gratitude, mindfulness, breathing techniques, yoga and kindness.

I hope you enjoy this platform.


My qualifications and roles:

I qualified from Oxford University in 2015 with a distinction in Medicine (BM, BCh) and a MA in medical sciences.

I’m currently a GP trainee living in the New Forest. I’m just finishing up a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Edinburgh and studying for a diploma in lifestyle medicine alongside being a practising doctor. I’m also the Regional Director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM) for Hampshire & Dorset.

Find me on Instagram and Twitter @dremmathurston.

DISCLAIMER: All information and resources found on thelifestylepill.org and associated social media platforms are based on my own thoughts and opinions unless otherwise noted. The information available is aimed at inspiring you to make healthy lifestyle choices, and not to replace medical advice. I encourage you to consult your doctor about any symptoms or health concerns that you have. No information on this platform should be relied upon to make a medical diagnosis or determine treatment for a medical condition. All information on this website and corresponding social media platforms is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.


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